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Omto is a suite of companies operating and specialising in the real estate industry.

Omto aspires to be a global leader in the field of innovative construction technologies and prefabricated real estate products as well as providing expert consultancy and design services to clients.

The rare relationship between Design, Construction and Project Management enables the organisation to be extremely competent, cost effective, value driven, lean and ultimately Omto delivers quality services and products to our clients.

Omto consists of two major business lines: OmtoArchitects and OmtoPods. The activities of these business lines are highlighted below.

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OmtoArchitects is a strategic and rare partnership of experienced Design and Construction professionals.

This alliance creates profitable, functional, value driven, yet beautiful real estate developments to the significant benefit of our clients.

Omto Pods Logo_white.png

OmtoPods are Prefabricated Real Estate Products for residential, hospitality, office or retail use. The fully finished units are perfect for both personal and corporate use. Each Pod can be customiseble depending on colour and material finish preference and can be positioned anywhere. There are a range of architectural designs to choose from.   

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